I just noticed that if you have a r/o share to an ifolder and delete a
local file, it cannot be resynced without going through an annoying process
of removing and readding the entire folder.

Why can't iFolder just realize the file no longer exists and resync the
deleted (or modified) one?


B.5 Repopulating Contents of a Read Only iFolder

If you modify files in an iFolder where you have only Read Only rights, the
changes are not synchronized to the server. To restore the file to its
previous state, you need to repopulate the iFolder contents from the server.

To repopulate the contents in an iFolder where you have Read Only rights:

1. In the iFolders browser, right-click the iFolder, then select
Revert This iFolder to a Normal Folder.
2. In your file manager, locate and delete the local copy of the
folder or save the files to a new location.
3. In the iFolders browser, select the iFolder, then click Set Up
and specify a location on your computer where you want to create the iFolder.
4. Allow the iFolder directories and files to download from the
server to your local iFolder.