Ok I've deployed iFolder which is great and all my test users love the
ease of installation of the client from the ifolder site. However today
in the techsupport meeting one of my more "advanced" users had a

I was not sure about he stated that he wants to share his 5-iFolder
3-iFolders on his advanced engineering students laptops.
1- iFolder on his office desktop
1-iFolder on his laptop

With his engineering students and he is worried that if he makes
changes to a file in the iFolder that one of his engineering students
may be able to make changes to the same file at the same time.

Thus in his words creating a "major problem" So my question is if he is
in a document saved to iFolder and he is making the changes and one of
his students opens the same document in their iFolder will they get a
"read only" or will they be able to make changes as well resulting in
the "collison" of changes syncing to the server.

I hope this is clear as I was unable to even give him an answer.