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OES NW 6.5 SP2


A weather station package on a remote computer generates graphics of the
various met parameters every few minutes. Every five minutes they are
uploaded via FTP to the Netware server via the internet.
The home directory for the weather 'user' is a subfolder of the htdocs
directory,so the that graphics are included in a web page as they are

This directory is not on the same server that is providing the FTP service.

It seems to work fine, but after a while, one or more graphics will cease to
update, when you check, they are 'locked by another user' which is of course
the ftp connection to the weather station. Clearing the connection resolves
the issue and the file updates at the next attempt just fine.

Sometimes one file is affected, sometimes a couple.

I tried restricting the number of connections allowed to the weather 'user'
and this resulted in every file being locked out and the weather station
started throwing out connection errors.

What seems to happen is that the weather station connects and passes on its
files, but sometimes 'hangs on' to one or more of them, and the next time it
opens a new session, it can't update the file.

Any ideas? Unfortunately the weather software can only deal with FTP or
direct connections so...



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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