Hello everybody.

On a Windows 2003 (no SP installed) test box I installed the ZenWorks
suite 7 (no SP1); that means that the following got installed (and are
happily running):

. eDirectory 8.7.3
. iManager
. ConsoleOne
. IDM2 connectors for AD sync
. ZenWorks for Desktop 7

Everything is working as expected except for the fact I'm not able to get
iFolder 2.1.3 (the ZENWorks Data Management 7) running. I followed the
regular setup and I directed iFolder to use eDirectory; I specificed port
388 as the clear text port (port 389 being used by Active Directory) and
the default web server (80).

The installation went fine but as soon as I tried to connect to the
Management Console


I got a

The page cannot be displayed

I checked with "netstat -an" but port 443 is not in LISTENING state so I
reverted to port 80 (http) but unsuccessfully (The page cannot be found).

Mind I'm connecting using iExplorer running on the W2003 server itself so
it should not be a proxy/connection problem.

I've tried by removing and reinstalling iFolder several times but

inetmgr reports IIS V6.0 and the "Default Web Site" is running; if I
explore the "Web Sites -> Default Web Site" I see several "objects" such
as jakarta, NetStorage and iFolder.

The iFolder is NOT associated to ANY Path and if I click over iFolder
and select Properties I see "iFolder" as Application name.

I've also tried by accessing http://<server>/iFolder/Admin or
http://<server>/iFolder but (again) unsuccessfully.

I've also tried by restarting the IIS, SSL and WWW services in W2003 but
I'm not getting anu further.


Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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