Hello everybody.

It seems this is a very discussed issue here :-)

I installed iFolder 2.1.6 on SLES9+SP2 (x86); before installing the beast
I downloaded and installed the novell-cldap-devel-2006.06.14-1linux
package from Novell site which installs in


Also, as per the install guide, I amended the


as to read

I also exported the above.

When I started the ifolder_config.sh script I provided the following
pieces of info (which were stored into

LdapHost # This is a W2003 server with eDir 8.7.3
LdapPort 635 # Since AD is installed on the W2003
# I had to configured eDir with 388
# (clear) and 635 (encrypted)
LdapLoginDnContext ",ou=SERVICES,o=ZEN"
LdapRootCert /etc/opt/novell/ifolder/RootCert.b64

I restarted the iFolder service and I was able to get in using iExplorer
from the very same Windows 2003 server.

Problem is when I click over the "Global Settings" and try to log in as
Admin I get the "Your previous login failed".

I activated the Novell eDirectory Trace on the W2003 server and, much to
my surprise, I did not notice anything traced from the Linux server.

If (on the SLES9 server itself) I perform an:

ldapsearch -x -h -p 388

command I see it traced on the screen. When I try to log in from the
iFolder, nothing gets depicted on the screen.

After repeating the login I was able to get:

LDAP: Connection 0xdc2dd0 read failure, setting err = -5875
LDAP: Monitor ox130 found connection 0xdc2dd0 socket failure, err =
-5875, 0 of 0 bytes read

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