I have ifolder and Netstorage runnig on the same server with iFolder
using an LDap server on a different server.

I can access the ifolder management page from the
URL:httpp://ipserveraddress/iFolderserver/Admin, but cannot launch it
from iManager>iFolder managemnt.

I can login successfully from the iFolder client, but not from the
browser. The URL http://ipserveraddress/iFolder takes me to the
iFolder welcome page, but when I click on the login link from this
page, it redirects me to Netstorage login information page. This is
not very helpful because I the iFolder root folder is not visible from
netstorage. /iFolder is configured in Netstorage iFolder Storage

I am not getting any error messages. Just not getting the desired
results. thanks