we have have a OES sp2 linux box running iprint and ifolder .
ifolder clients are 3.2.5347.1
this was the first linux server added to our netware 6.0 enviroment.
it has been running fine for almost 1 year...
we had a scheduled power outage friday oct 13,
after we brought everything back up things seemed fine for a few days.
then ifolder clients might say something like "server unavaiable" some
might say "ok" but would not sync.. we could not get into
imanager>ifolder3 or the ifolder/web at this time either..

I rebooted a few times seemed like nothing happened..
I then noticed my CA netware server SSL certs had expired just prior to
the power outage. I renewed them on 2 of my 3 netware servers.. the linux
running ifolder server still has a year left..

even after this the ifolder3 service might come up for a while then stop
for no reason... I am now doing a "apache2 stop" > "killall -KILL mono"
> "apache2 start", ifolder might work a few hours or only a few minutes

never longer then a few hours...

Iprint mostly stays working but stops after a bunch of apache restarts and
I usally reboot the machine at least once a day for this on top of the 12
apache restarts

thanks in advance: