I've done quite a bit of searching to try to find the answer to this, but I
haven't found much anywhere. It is a netstorage related question. I'm
sorry if this isn't the place to post those, but there isn't a netstorage
forum. From what I gather, iFolder/NetStorage are related.

We want to be able to use netstorage so people can download/upload files
from home. iFolder itself won't work for what we want to do. We're a
school. We don't want/need iFolder client setup issues.

For several purposes, I would like to put NetStorage on an IIS server in a
DMZ. Is NetStorage included in the iFolder installation package for
windows? Is it at all possible to get the NetStorage web interface on my
IIS server? There's no clear instructions for iFolder/NetStorage on IIS. I
know you can put a NetStorage/iFolder server in a DMZ (which is what has to
happen). Can it be IIS, or do I have to use a Netware server to get what I