NetWare 6.0 with SP5 (the iFolder server)
iFolder client ver. 2.1.3 on Windows XP SP2

All on internal LAN, no proxies, no NAT. iFolder running on standard
port 80.

Working fine for several years (yes... years).

Server lost power and went down. Server brought back up with everything
apparently working (but obviously not).

All iFolder clients get same log entries:

Client connecting to:
Init Successful
Connection with server broken
Login admin\Home
Reconciling iFolder database...
iFolder database reconciliation complete.
Connection with server broken

There are only two computers with the iFolder client; I use them and log
in as admin. I've been doing this for years until the server lost power
then was brought back up.

My workstations have not changed.

I've reviewed the entries in the forum for the past two years but
haven't found anything that seems to apply. Am I going to have to do a
trace to solve this, or is there something on the server that should
have started but has not? The server startup logs indicates no errors,
and I've brought it down cleanly and restarted it. No errors.

I'm puzzled.