I have open-source Ifolder Server 3.5 on Suse 10.1 instaled. I work with
Ifolder client 3.2.5347.1 in Windows XP station. In this client I have a "1
items not synchronized" status. In Troubleshooting I found "n items not
synchronized". I can't find folder /opt/novell/ifolder3/web/web.config, but
I found this web.config in the /usr/lib/simias/web folder. I found
appSetting section and I've changed the value of <add
key="SimiasAuthNotRequired" value="SimiasBrowswer.asmx" />
I've downloaded SimiasBrowser.asmx and StoreBrowser.exe
I've copied this two files to C:\Program Files\iFolder. But I have the same
Status. If I close Ifolder client in windows XP and open it again, the
files are synchronizing on the server. When I synchronize a new created
file in iFoder this file is not synchronized on the server. All the time I
have a "1 items not synchronized" status. Where is the mistake?. Please
help, 'couse i'm really in hurry!