Here is my situation :

I have installed iFolder Enterprise Server 3.5 on my dedicated server which
runs SuSE 9.3 (with an AMD64 processor) following the "Configure iFolder
Enterprise Server on SUSE Platforms" HowTo on the ifolder.com website.
And i installed it with the i586 rpm files for SuSE 9.3.

When i try to access the admin interface (http://host/admin) with "admin"
and "simias" login info i stay stacked on the auth. window and i get this
message :

"Error: Your session has been closed. Please log in."

When i try to access the client interface (http://host/ifolder) with any
login infos i get a long error message that says (summary) :

"Exception Message: Content is not 'text/xml' but 'text/html;
Response error message:
<title>Error 500</title><body bgcolor="white"><h1><font color="red">Server
error in '/simias10' application</font></h1><hr>
<h2><font color="maroon"><i></i></font></h2>
<b>Description: </b>Error processing request.
<b>Error Message: </b>HTTP 500..."

"...System.DllNotFoundException: FlaimWrapper..."

"...System.Web.HttpException: ---&gt; System.DllNotFoundException:

I sought everywhere on the ifolder.com website but i didn't find any
solutions, even on google it's hard to find something about ifolder server
and suse 9.3, that's why now i hope that somebody, here, can help me.

Thx in advance