I'm running NW 6.5 SP6, iFolder 2.1 I get this error when trying to
configure global settings after logging into
[servername]/iFolderServer/Admin/ :

Unable to add iFolder_ServerAgent to Global Settings LDAP.

I've reviewed a few questions / answers on this forum, and some information
I found on the web. It was suggested to remove the password policy from
the admin user, which I did. Even though that was suggeted for 2.1.1, and
supposedly the issue was fixed in 2.1.3 - I'm currently up to 2.1.8

Anyway, I don't have an iFolder Server object. My understanding is the
global settings will create it. And I keep getting that error. My admin
user has a simple password, with a password policy with basically no settings.

What else should I look at?