I am trying to install and configure ifolder server. I have tried on a box
running OpenSUSE 10.2 and on another one running 10.1. With 10.1, I
followed the instructions <a
href="http://www.ifolder.com/index.php/HowTo:Configure_iFolder_Enterprise_Server_on_SUSE_ Platforms">here</a>
when trying to install on both machines. I was only able to complete the
process on the 10.2 box using the 10.1 instructions.

So far, I have apache 2.2.3 and ifolder3-server 3.5.6353.1 installed.

Whenever I enter "http://ipaddress/admin/" I get a 503 error.

As far as I know, I installed everything I am supposed to install. Any
ideas as to what I am missing?