I've been trying to hack through the insall instructions for ifolder
for Centos 4.3 provided by the iFolder site. The reason I say hacking
is that there seems to be a problem with the instructions on this page,


I can get mono installed but the command:

yum -y install ifolder3-server

I hit a brick wall, it is looking for the Centos subfolder in
http://forgeftp.novell.com/ifolder/server/3.5/current/ but there is no
(there hasn't been Centos subfolder since 20060621-0346 build from the
looks of it.)

So I tried changing the iFolderServer-CentOS.repo file to reflect tat
directory but something yum runs referrs back to current.

So how do I get around this and get the server installed?
(now, don't say "install SLES, that's like saying you don't know." ;-)