I am running an I folder client(build 3.4.6214.1) for linux on a file
server running samba, reason for that is then we can access the data on
the outside as well.

On the other side I have a windows XP(sp2) running Ifolder client.

Now the problem is whenever I create a file on the windows box and sync
it with the linux client, the linux file permisions say that only the
owner can read and modify the content he rest has got it as read-only. I
have sevral other users logging into the server using other usernames I
have tried giving the parent directory a all acces permision, but then
Ifolder still write the file as only owner read-write.

The thing I would like to know is, is there some file that I can edit
to change the file permisions? If there is not, where should I look?

When I create a file on the linux and sync it with the windows box, it
is writable too all.

Thanks in advance