I'm running IF3 on OES inside VMWare Workstation. It all installed "OK" and
I'm synch'ing two different Windows PCs, one on the same LAN (home) and one
across a BorderManager v3.6 proxy (work).

I've noticed a problem with the Windows PCs. Everything seemed to work fine
initially, then I noticed they were not staying in synch. If I
changed/added something on one PC, it did not appear on the other PC, and
vice versa. It's almost as if these two PCs, using the exact same login
credentials, are synching to two completely different stores.

I tried reverting the work PC back to regular folders and having it
re-synch (3.2 Gb over DSL...UGH!!!) and it "seemed" to work fine, but then
when I made changes they still did propagate. So, I did the same thing on
the home PC (LAN - much faster!) and, again, it seemed to work but changes
aren't going over.

Finally, I completely deleted the accounts on the work PC, uninstalled and
reinstalled iFolder, and re-synched everybody, but it's STILL acting as if
they're attaching to two totally different data stores (although they had
to have been using the same one some time in the recent past, as the data
is common to somewhere around 2-3 weeks ago.) There were no major changes
in the system during that timeframe.

Neither of the Macs attach using the same credentials, so they're no help.

I'm stumped. Any suggestions?

Possibly irrelevant side note: the iFolder v2.x versions on these same two
PCs, synching to a NetWare server on the same VMW box, still works fine...