We're hoping to roll out iFolder & Netstorage to all of our users, and the
pilot seemed to be going quite well, but I've been having a problem with
iFolder 2.1.7 running on NetWare 6.5, with the latest Spack.

When the iFolder client first starts up and attempts to login to the
server, it pops up the Update notification message, saying:

"The Novell iFolder web site has a newer version of the software. Your
version: Newest version: <>"

This only happens consistently on two of our approx 10 test pc's (all are
on the same lan as the iFolder server), although it has popped up
occasionally on some of the others.

It seems as though those clients aren't able to properly read or detect the
version that is on the server, and are getting a respose of <> instead of
the actual version.

I thought I might be able to fool it by modifying the local version.dat
file that holds the local version number and setting it to <>, but it still
pops up, saying "Your version: <>, Newest version: <>"

Another issue is that our users don't have local admin rights, so wouldn't
be able to install any update if there was one, so really we need to turn
this check off completely if possible, which would solve both problems.

Has anyone else come across this, and does anyone know of a solution?

Thanks in advance