Hi all out there!

I've been regaining access to iFolder and finding the great 3.x release.

But among our users there are now several Intel based MacBook
computers. The available 3.2.5347.1 release seems to have problems to
run. At least here, it launches but fails to connect to any server with
the the following errors...

iFolder encountered an exception while clearing the proxy
Exception in setupSmiasProxies: TCP Error 20 TCP error in
Exception in ConnecttoDomain: TCP Error 20 TCP error in

I've read in a previous thread that a new client is due after 3.6
release. Well, 3.6 is already here! Please, has anybody news about the
new client? Any available workaround to run the current release on
Intel based Macs?


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your XEN ICT Team