I have installed a 3.6 ifolder server on suse 10.2. I'ts working great.
I've tried it with linux 3.5 client and no problem. I can access ifolder
via firefox on http://89.xx.xx.xx:8000/admin and

But I just can't connect with the windows 3.6 client.
The ifolder server and apache is running on port 8000.
When I conect with the client I put 89.xx.xx.xx:8000 in the server
address field but after a long while I get this error:
An error was encountered while connecting to the Ifolder server. Please
verify the information entered and try again. if the problem persists,
please contact you network administrator.

Both firewalls, in windows and linux server, are disabled. I just can't
see where the problem is. The user and password are correct too.

Thanks for your help,