We have two iFolder servers, one of the servers is also running
Netstorage. Both servers are also LDAP servers. I want the Netstorage
and iFolder users to use the same URL to access Netstorage and iFolder
via a web interface. In addition, I want the server that is only
running iFolder to host the userdata and also be the userldap server. I
have not been able to successfully configure this environment as
explained. Both servers are running NW65 SP6.

My questions are:
1.)Is it possible to configure the environment the way I am envisioning.
2.)How can I configure the ldap server on the userldap server to
authenticate the iFolder users
3.)How do I get the users to access iFolder through Netstrorage since
the iFolder folder as not visible through Netstorage?
4.)How can I configure only one ifolder server to host the user data?

I will aprreciate any help I can get. thanks