We have used iFolder 2 for a long time, and have recently upgraded to
iFolder 3. We have a couple of users who used iFolder 2 to sync the
Windows desktop on their laptop with the machine at their desk. When
they worked at their desk they would maintain their files in folders on
the desktop, as well as keeping active files directly on the desktop.

When they took their laptop on the road, they would sync up first and
have all their files right on the desktop as they did on their work
machine. When they returned to the office, the changed files would
automatically sync to the desktop of their office machine. The other
good news about this is their files are also backed up to the server,
and are accessible through iFolder web access from other machines, as well.

I'm having problems doing this with iFolder 3, because it will not allow
an existing location to be the target of an ifolder already on the
server. Obviously, the Desktop folder exists on both machines.

What I want to do is sync the contents of a folder that already exists
on 2 machines with the same name. This worked fine with ifolder 2. I
really like some of the new features of ifolder 3 and don't want to go
back to iFolder 2.

Any suggestions?

-- Geoff