> So, is this forum empty simply because noone has any feedback, or is
> something else going on?

I think part of the problem is getting in via NNTP. I had to use the Web
interface, (Ick!) to newsgroups.

Are you able to get in NNTP?

> Has anyone else had trouble downloading the ResKit files from novell.com? I
> received the invitation email on 5/25 and was able to download the VMWare
> images straight away. However, attempting to download any of the other
> files, including the Desinger project, gives me a 403 Forbidden error. I
> have filled out the entitlement request form a few times with no response.

I emailed Rick Killpack and he authorized me.

Not a heck of a lot of detail in what I read so far in the files.

I really wanted the Designer project to peruse offline...

Interesting! :)