When I go to http://ipaddress/iFolder it goes to
http://ipaddress/Netstorage. Is that normal?

After I log into Netstorage I can't see any files. Mapped drives appear but
the browser page is empty.

Regarding iFolder, the docs state that files synced from the desktop should
appear online in the browser and should be visible in the browser. If files
are changed at the server or desktop the two should sync. I am able to log
in using the iFolder client from the desktop, it shows sync ok, but files
are not visible when logging into the browser.

Also, the home directory and iFolder directory are in two different
locations. The iFolder user data in vol:iFolder is apparently encrypted
regardless of what setting I use on the client. The users home directory is

I would like the home directory and iFolder directory the same, visible on
the browser log in and synced. Do I understand this correctly?