Clients 3.4.7145.1-sled10sp1 (you can guess the os)
to a Server at 3.2

2 shared folders. All users can get to both via web.
From client, you can get to 1, but 2nd gives error.
At Download dialog, browse to location you want to download.
Does not matter where. Click download and you get this:
null key
Parameter name: key
System.ArgumentNullException: null key
Parameter name: key at System.Collections.Hashtable.Find (System.Object key)
[0x00000] at Systems.Collections.Hashtable.Contains (System.Object key)
[0x00000] at Novell.iFolder.iFolderData.GetiFolder (System.String
ifolderID) [0x00000] at Novell.iFolder.iFolderData.AcceptiFolderInvitation
(System.String ifolderID, System.String domainID, System.String localPath)
[0x00000] at Novell.iFolder.iFolderWindow.DownloadiFolder
(Novell.iFolder.iFolderHolder holder) [0x00000]

Any ideas?