Due to ifolder3 not syncing properly on OES Linux,
I installed ifolder 3.6 on suse 10 sp1 and encountered the following
(ifolder3 version is 3.6.7092.1
client version is 3.6.7085.1
I am testing with windows xp)

1) Logging into web access results in an Invalid URI: The format of the
URI could not be determined

2) Using the ifolder3 client, I have two folders and both are errored out
with the message "3 items not synchronized"
I verified, using the web admin , that the folders do indeed exist on the
The client, however, shows no folders on the server

Also, I get passphrase error message" "Unable to check for passphrase.
Server was unable to process request,--> Object reference not set to an
instance of an object" At the enterpassphrasedialog box, I click on
cancel, and login proceeds fine
I have the server log set to debug and the webadmin.log shows that the
login is good.
I see no place to turn off the passphrase is the web admin tool.

If there is no hope in getting this version of ifolder3 running (as there
was no hope in getting ifolder3 on OES Linux working.
I opened up a service request with Novell which was eventually refunded)
what combination of software versions will get me a working ifolder3
I googled problems 1 and 2 and they have been around for quite a while now.
Thanks, dan denton