HI All,

Running ifolder 3.2 on Oes Sp2,

Right i have the weirdest thing here with a couple of usewrs, one of
course the Chief Director...so here goes.

They (these users) cannot login to ifolder from their own network PC's,
but i can from that same workstation login to my ifolder account..this
tells me the pc and client is fine, so then figured must be something on
the username on ifodler, disable, enabled etc on the server for the users
still nothing, bring them to another PC on the network and they can from
their login to ifolder.

So this is something to do on their PC and username on the particular PC,
I of course uninstalled re-installed, various times, noticed that even
with an un-install the simias directory under applcation data stays,
deleted that as well by hand nothing they still cannot login on those

Any ideas.....the log files i get under simias on the workstation also
doesnt tell me much...nothing about failed login etc!!?? anyway i can
start ifolder client in a debug mode?