I think I have put myself in a bit of a bind, and am hoping someone can
help point a way out.
I have an iFolder 3.2 server on OES-Linux. It is a test server.
The iFolder admin user created during the iFolder install/config was
disabled as an iFolder user (via the iManager iFolder3 plugin). I had
thought I had set another user to be an admin (I am pretty positive I
did so), however when I try to login with that other user, I am told
that user is not an iFolder admin.

A couple questions:
-Any tips/tricks to try to recover gracefully from this? i.e. without
having to reconfigure iFolder services, and forcing users (while it is a
test server, I have some colleagues on the server) to resync.

-Does the originally designated iFolder user always have to remain an
active iFolder user? I am wondering if by me disabling it, I
effectively disabled admin access to all others I am wondering if the
check box to make a user an iFolder admin, just tells the system to make
a user equivalent to the original-designated-admin, so when I login with
the user-who-was-subsequently-designated-admin, it reports that user is
not an admin because the original admin is no longer an active iFolder user.

Thanks for any input,