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Thread: Multiple Instances On One Server

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    Justin Knash NNTP User

    Multiple Instances On One Server

    I have a situation where a customer would like to have 2 separate iFolder
    data stores on the same server. The reason is that they have to do
    special backups of their email data due to their email retention policy so
    email and regular data need to be separated. They are going to be using
    iFolder 3 for sites that don't have a server. My idea is to run 2
    separate instances of iFolder on the same box, one for regular data and
    one for groupwise caching/archive data. The second instance would be
    bound to another ip address. and have it's own apache config and data
    store path. There is a how-to on ifolder.com for running multiple domains
    on one ifolder server, but I am having issues translating the config to an
    OES Linux server with iFolder 3 enterprise on it. Has anybody ever tried
    this on an OES box?

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    Re: Multiple Instances On One Server


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