Until a few weeks ago, I was unemployed (mostly). Had been since Oct.
2005 (mostly).

I am extremely happy with my new position, and I have learned a lot in
the past couple of years.

This forum has been a favorite place of mine since...oh gosh, Susan
could probably tell us, but it isn't important. Must be since about
1968 or so. Many of you are good friends. Some are very good friends.
In reality, I have only met a few of you face-to-face, but the
friendships have developed nonetheless.

The realization of how real these bonds were began to come to me when I
had needs. Over the past couple of years, we have received prayers,
wishes, gifts, money, emails, snail mails, etc. My daughters have
received Christmas gifts from NCCI members (so have Mrs Boomer and
myself). I have always been a rather humble person, I think. However,
I have had a huge lesson in humility during this time, and to be
honest, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Amd I wouldn't trade my NCCI
family for anything. Unless it was a big hi def Tv...I just love
those things. But other than that, nothing.

Seriously, I am trying to say thank you, thank you for whatever you
have done. Whether something tangible, prayer, kind words of
encouragement..it was all important. It was all appreciated...*IS*
appreciated. We love you all.

Thank you....you're all special.

Not looking for a bunch of replies to this - I just needed to say it.