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Thread: Necessary NT privileges to install iPrint printers

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    Craig Roberts NNTP User

    Necessary NT privileges to install iPrint printers

    Non-admin users on XP clients unable to install iPrint printers.

    Error message: Access is denied
    Error group: Windows
    Error code: 5

    I saw an earlier post regarding this, after unsuccessfully trying to
    users to various local groups - someone made a reference to NW SP3
    options to install as system vs. user printers. Does anyone know if
    this is
    the case? Any other workarounds?

    NDPS printers install successfully, the problem is limited to iPrint

    Thank you,
    Craig Roberts

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    Automatic reply NNTP User

    Re: Necessary NT privileges to install iPrint printers


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    Kai Reichert NNTP User

    Re: Necessary NT privileges to install iPrint printers

    by using the iPrint client that comes with SP3 this should work.

    Regards, Kai Reichert
    Novell Support Forums Sysop

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