I am getting "Error message: Winsock 10061 - The remote party has
your connection. Error group: WINSOCK Error code: 10061"

The printer installs ok without security enabled.

I have bound a secondary IP to the server just for iPrint through theAutoexec.ncf file with with the following lines:

Add Secondary IPAddress
HttpBind /keyfile:"iPrint_IP"

I created the iPrint_IP certificate and it exists in the same context
as the
Manager, Broker and Printer.
I have restarted NDPS.

When I enter WebAccess, and then subsequently use the iPrint link from
WebAccess page I see the following on the Logger screen of the server:

Resolved address =
2003-08-09 08:40:52 - DecodeInterceptor: Charset from session

The item here that concerns me is the resolved address.

Is there anything here that stands out as wrong and may be preventing
secure delivery of iPrint drivers?