Have a HP4200 iPrinterl with pcl5e drive date 9 Jan 2003
works fine. Tried to install another HP4200 iPrinter w/pcl6 drivers
dated 9 Jun 2003 and it does not install.

I tried uploading the drivers via iManager from a win2k system with
4.83sp1 client to Netware 6 sp2 server because of the parsing problems

with 4.9. Loaded with no errors.
When I try to install this printer I get an error and the windows
spooler stops.

I am to able to install the same print via windows standard IP printer

wtih the same driver.

I changed the drive on the HP4200pcl5e to pcl6 and get the same
Change back to the 5e drivers and it installs fine.

Has anyone else seen this.