I've seen a few errors in our recent roll-out of iPrint. First and
most problematically, some of our XP+SP1 workstations will have the
iPrint client installed fine, but when we (admins) or users (with theproper rights) go to install a printer, they receive a message sayingthere is no driver associated. I think the error number given is
65536. The problem though, is that drivers _are_ associated, and whenI walk over to a different workstation, I can install printers just
fine. I can just reimage the PC, but we've had this enough that if
there's a fix, that would be preferable.

One thing I've tried when attempting to resolve this is removing and
reinstalling the client. When I go to uninstall it, I get an error
(various, again, can provide specific numbers if need be) and the
uninstall dies. After playing for awhile, I went in and checked the
NTFS permissions for < C:\Program Files\Novell\iPrint Client > and
<C:\Windows\System32\nipp*.* > and found the system account to be theonly account with rights. Taking owndership of the directory/files
(and all sub-directories/files) will let me uninstall it. After
reinstalling, I again get the "no associated driver" errors.

Sometimes it does work to install via NDPS instead of iPrint, but we
have applications that look for specifically named printers, and NDPSnames the printer differently.

Any ideas? --John