I've been running iPrint maps without problems until yesterday when Inoticed that the printer map we use will not display the iPrinter
information when you click on its icon. The left hand column reads
UNDEFINED for all the options. However you can click each one and the
hand panel will display the correct information, ie Printer Status,
Information and will even send a test print.
Clicking on some of the printer icons dosent even display the
information, it just returns to the iprint map. It is returning an
but it goes so quick I can see it and can't think of a way to trace

If I go to the iPrint printer page via
http:\\ipaddress:631\login\ippdocs\pcontrol.htm, everything is ok.
on a printer will display the correct names of the options down the
lefthand side (no UNDEFINED as above). Again I can view the printer
information and status and even install a printer, (now it asks for auserid and password which it did'nt prevously!).

The iMaptool was playing up yesterday with a 10061 but we fixed this
as our
NDPSM loads with the command line switch /DNS=ITSIPP. This was'nt
loaded as
NDSP was unloaded and reloaded with out the switch. Once it was
with /DNS= the imap tool started working again.

The last change made to the server was the install of SP3 + Post all
patches incuding NDSP one.

NW6 SP3.
iPrint Client 1.06
NDPS/iPrint server install v3.0.3

Obviously this is making the nice printer map we have look B.A.D.
got any ideas.