I am trying to figure out how to set up default options for printers with iPrint. My understanding was that I could tailor the options
(such as Paper Size/type, Duplex or not, Orientation, etc) for each
printer. However, reading the docs on page 28 of the iPrint
Administration guide, I can't figure out how to do it.

First of all, when I look at my INST.HTM, I don't see how to specify which printers I want to have the driver set to Duplex and which
printers I don't. There appears to be only one section of code that applies to all printers??? Part of the code in the INST.HTM file is
below. I don't understand what I would change to, say, make a printer

defined as HP5SI-DUP be pushed down with Horizontal Duplexing turned on.


if(parent.browserType == "IE")


document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=operation
document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=printer-url VALUE=", parent.pName,

document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=result-type VALUE=msgBox>");
if(persistence != "")
document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=persistence VALUE=",
persistence, ">");
if(driverOptions != "")
document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=driver-options VALUE=",
driverOptions, ">");
// else
// document.writeln("<PARAM NAME=driver-options \
// VALUE='papersize:letter; \
// orientation:portrait; \
// copies:1; \
// duplex:simplex; \
// color:yes; \
// collate:no'>");