I have a NW6 server that NDPS was not installed on during the original

I have started administering the server after it had been setup.
Also before I began administration, the server's IP address was

Today i tried to install NDPS to setup a printer on the server.
When I was going through the installation i got to a screen that
showed the
IP address of the Apache Wev Server
and iPrint/NDPS. The addresses were were grayed out so that I could
change them.
The addresses were also the old addresses assigned to the server.

I looked up on Novell's site and found an article of what to do when
changing the addresses
and followed them as best I could.

Now both addresses that come up under the installation wizard are thecurrent address of the sytem.
But i get a Fatal error then it says Set Tree or Name Tree or
something like

If i go into the sys:etc/hostname file which is a file i changed to
the new
address and
change it back to the old address i get the error that the address
is on a different subnet
than the current address.

The old address is and the new one is

I'm not sure where to go from here.
I think i have everything changed the way it needs to be.

If i take the line out of the hostnames file alltogether will it hurtanything? They aren't running DNS.

To sum things up. I can't get NDPS installed, when I make the changes
the files to make the wrong address message go away.
I then get a Fatal Error of Set Tree or something of that nature.

Thanks in Advance,

Patrick Newcomb