I would like to know, what is the best way to configure the printers?
The users must be able to univocally access a printer, so the printer
have a static IP.

It's not possible to use Dynamic DNS. The name of the printer will
stay the
same independently of IP Address, so there is no need to do the DHCP

Is this true? (I'm not completely sure how DDNS works).

If that works we should first configure the name of the printer, at
for HP JetDirects because they usually came with the name NPIxxxx, and
is not very user friendly.

On the other hand, the users access the print, at least once, through
iPrint map. It's not possible to univocally connect the picture of the

printer with their Mac Address. Knowing the Mac, the client could do a
and get the IP, and then print. If the printer changed the IP, there
will be
no problem because the client will RARP before printing.

I'm not completely sure about this either, does RARP resolve MAC of
other IP
networks? Maybe this could cause a broadcast of RARPs?

But I think there must be a better way than do a DHCP reservation for

IPX/SPX solved this, why not IP. (Well, IPX it's all one network isn't

It's better to have an IP class C only for printers?

Or have the printers in the same range as the users?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

And above all, how did you configure your printers?

Thanks, Tiago Abreu.