Our existing servers all still use queues...now we have our first 6.5
and I am trying to config printing . There appears to be much more
in running iprint. Broker, manger, etc. I have attempted to follow the

documentation but it's lacking in areas like setting up broker (just
in the blanks it says) Well I could not do that: imanger doesn't
properly...it only wants to browse our netware 5 containers. Well
thats not
exactly right..it will browse but won't let me select. I was able to
manually enter in the data in the blanks and that seems to work. But
will not allow an Resource Management Broker to be created. Any ideas
on that?

When I moved on to the print manger setup, i had the same problem in
it would browse but not let me select. And it won't let me even
enter the sys volume under volume selection . Says it doesn't exist
though it sees it while browsing. I don't wan't to waste alot of time
iprint if it's this buggy. Any ideas and also as a fall back does 6.5support queuees?

thanks, Fletch