I have finally gotten around to looking at iPrint, & wanted to check
out the
client recommendations, & feel like i am in a wayback machine

no support for netscape 6x/7x or anything else beget from mozilla? I
Novell wanted to be "cross platform" (oneNet? huh?) not "windows
only", the
least they could do is not completely support microsoft by basically
supporting IE (not many people actually use ns4x anymore). Sure, given
IE is
the majority at this point in time, but why write something that is
only to IE & ignores everything else...

So i decided to venture over to the nw65 documentation area, in hopes
it wouldnt look like something written 3+ years ago, & i was let downagain -

same thing....

btw, i would at least think the iPrint client would be able to elevate
rights only the local workstation just adding a printer for those
in order to install an iPrint object.
Also, where is the documentation on integrating non-windows clients
this? Id think it would be on the documentation site, since Novell
tries to
present themselves as crossplatform, show me that you are.

perhaps there are work arounds or things that can be done, but with a
look at it through this documentation, iPrint seems pretty weak. I
there are people happy with iPrint so something about it must be good,
it sure looks like there is a lot to be desired from my point of view.

http://abend.org giving Novell that "slash" feeling