I have three iPrint printers configured (nw6sp3).

Occasionally (has happpened 4 times in 3 weeks of late) one of the
iPrint printers gets stuck printing a job.

Looking at the printer in Novell Remote Manager (NORM) is shows the
iPrint printer as printing. From the rconsole screen it says

Kbytes sent: 0 of 15,000
Percentage sent = 100 (!)

The iPrint printer is forwarding the job to another MS server via Lpr.

Once the job is deleted, or the printer agent is unloaded then
reloaded, the other jobs which were stuck behind the job then print
through ok.

Stuck files todate has all been pdfs - mostly refered to as linked
pdfs 'cos our students view them via the acrobat reader plugin.

I have tried to reprduce the problem to no avail - using a machine
running the same 'managed' OS (winXP zen etc), using the same pdf file

viewed from an internet site.

Any ideas?

These 3 iPrint printers forward all our student printing onto our
print accounting system so stuck jobs pose quite a problem.