I am running TS on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. Printer
redirection (both local and network printers) works fine from Windows
XP and
2000 clients, but fails to redirect network printers on Windows NT.
network print services are provided by Novell.

For instance, if I install a Laserjet 4000 on LPT1: on the NT box,
printer DOES show up in a client session when connected to Terminal
2003. However, a Laserjet 4000 on a Netware printer (either IPrint or
does not redirect. However, the identical NDPS network printer on
Windows XP
or Windows 2000 does redirect just fine. There are no errors or
messages in
the event log on the TS either when connecting from the NT box, it's
as if
the TS client simply doesn't try to connect the network printers at
all from
Windows NT.

I have also tried adding a printer on a Windows 2003 server to the NTmachine, and this printer DOES redirect just fine on NT, so my theory
the TS client on NT simply cannot redirect network printers appears to

I am using the latest RDP 5.2 client from MS on both machines. The
isn't specific to the Laserjet 4000, it doesn't work on a Laserjet
8000 or
4050 either, yet they all work fine when logging in from an XP or 2000


Have tried client 4.83 and 4.9, as well as iPrint 1.06, 1.1, and 2.01.

Windows 2000 and XP seem to have no problems redirecting their local
network printers when using Terminal Server 2003. Windows NT has no
with local printers, or network printers from a Windows server, but
will not
redirect any Netware printers.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!