I've gotten iPrint to work using insecure port 631. Now I'm up to the
of getting SSL printing to work.

I connect via SSL (port 443) to my iPrint server, and I have alist of
printers. I checked and all printers are setup for secure printing
iManager and/or nwadmin).

When I click on a printer, I'm prompted for my name and password.

Realm: Xtek
User: bschone
Password: <blank>

When I enter my name, I can see via DSTRACE that there is some sort of

traffic to/from my PC/iPrint server. Unfortunately the authentication

Novell iPrint Client
Printer authentication failed. Do you want to try again?

The DSTRACE screen on the console reads:

DoSearch on connection 0xbec57e00
Search request:
base: "O=Xtek"
scope:2 dereference:3 sizelimit:0 timelimit:0 attrsonly:0
filter: "(&*objectClass=user)(uid=bschone))"
no attributes
Empty attribute list implies all user attributes
Sending operation result 0:"":"" to connection 0xbec57e00
Checking for configuration changes

WHAT? I had a problem earlier with DSTRACE barking about an invalid
certificate, so I created a new certificate, exported it and then
copied to
sys:public/rootcert.der AND sys:apache2/ifolder/server/rootcert.der

The printer in question has medium security set via iManager. Setting
it to
Low security yeilds the same results. Setting to high security
results (at
the PC client):

Novell iPrint
Error message: iPrint Client - You do not have sufficient
privliges to
fulfill the request.
Error group: iPrint Client
Error code 1027

Remember, non SSL stuff works perfectly. I've loaded NDPSM with the

appropriate /dnsname=iprint.myserver.com.

Any ideas?