Zen4 Sept Patch | Agent
NW6SP3 + ndp3sp3c
iPrint Client 2.0.1

We are currently experiencing a problem with iPrint and Brother HL1440
Drivers. We have created an iPrint policy in Zen which installs the
iPrint client and then installs the Brother printer. The drivers come
down but the printer doesn't show up on the machine. After many hours
of testing we have found out that if you download and install a
Brother HL1240 driver and then bring down the HL1440 over the top the
printer shows up on the machine. The only problem with this is that
every 10 seconds we get a short burst of activity from the print
spoiler (spoolsv.exe) which is enough to pause all keyboard input.
This is causing an hourglass to be shown when using Word XP and pauses
all keyboard input.

Has anyone managed to get a HL1440 to install using an iPrint policy
in ZEN4 without having to install the HL1240 drivers first?

Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance