Working my way through iManager, to Manage Broker, I'm trying to add
HP4000 XP print driver to the broker using "Add From System".

When I choose, then click OK or Apply, it starts the transfer but
with an:
Exception saving resource print drivers configuration
NDPS Library Error Category: 3700004h
Other Error 0h

As per TID 10078722, I have followed the file into SYS:NDPS\XFER ...
it sits.

I've got the latest Post CSP9 NDPS pack on ... (NDPSM PTF v1.04 ...
v3.01.01 8/8/03) rmansrvr v3.03.01 10/18/02

Latest iPrint client on the XP station.

Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

John Futter, CNE6