Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before. In our Chicago
office, all
Canon 1100 (Colorpass Z400e fiery's) stopped working via iprint. In
addition, regular ndps to the printer works from a 5.x box but not a
box. The jobs get submitted to print but a weird postscript error
comes up
that says:

Error: Undefined; OffendingCommand: upe.net.

Sometimes it says pe.net or e.net. Here's the strange thing: our
dns name ends in upe.net so it looks like it's pulling a dns address
somewhere. We can't recall any changes at all to anything before this

stopped working....and it was working perfectly for months. Using the

novell gateway and an ip address (not dns name).

Anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this? So far Canon and
premium support are no help. Thanks very much in advance.