I have one NW6+SP3 server with iPrint, NDPS installed. I can't add
drivers via iManager any more.

When I try to add printer drivers via iManager everything works just
and when a printer list need to be updated I'll get this mesage: "HTTP
404 -
File Not Found". If I look at "ipperrs.txt" which is in c:\ndps I can
this lines:

Module: iexplore.exe
Trace Info: myhttp.c, line 1387, thread 0000087C
Routine: HTTPRecvResponse - bad HTTP status (404)
Error: HTTP 404 - Not found.

If I try to add printer via "nwadmin /disableTLSMGR" nothing
happends. I
can browse to file and choose it but when I want to add it to the list

nothing happends.

PLEASE HELP. Everything worked just fine last week. I wasn't applied
any new
patch to server and didn't change anything. My workstation runs
WindowsXP-Pro, NWC 4.9 with last uppdate and last IPP client...

Thanks in advance...