I have been trying to get iPrint up and running for access
from outside of our network. We run NW6sp3 on all servers
and have BM3.7sp2 as a firewall. iPrint is working within
our network. the iPrint server runs inside of our

What I do not understand is how the iPrint gadget is suppose
to work. It seems the gadget should somewho act as a proxy
to route this service to our internal server running iPrint.
I have installed webaccess and have tried to configure the
iPrint gadget but to no avail.

so here are my questions:
1. Does the iPrint gadget only function for services
running on the bordermanager server (like our groupwise
2. Should the iPrint gadget point to my internal server (ip
3. Do I need to open up port 631 and forward that
4. Is there a good howto that explains how the gadgets are
suppose to work?? (the for dumbies version please)

Thanks, Chris