We have a condition which EMEA Support are dealing with and have been
the last three months !!!! (Incident ID 2934968).

ZFD4.01 all patches applied, eDir 8.71 , NW5.1 and NW6 mixed tree.
NDPS patches, latest ZfDagent (17 Nov 2003), latest ZfD Server backend


Issue is that if we have volatile DLU Win2K "User" (NOT Administrator
Poweruser) Package and distribute printers via a Workstation Package
Policy, the following error condition is experienced:

If the workstation is cold booted, user logs on and receives a number
printers, a default printer is set as per the policy. If the user
logs off and another OR same user logs on (No Reboot of WS) then the
printers are distributed but NO default printer is set ?, eventually a

default printer will be set but this will be the last printer in
panel/printers> list (alphabetical listing). According to support this
working as designed ???
We cannot use iPrint policy from User Package as the users roam across

multiple sites, the printers must be set to the Workstations.

Dave Clifford
Telamon Systems UK