I noticed that if you use iManager 2.0 to add new NDPS Printer drivers

to a broker, there is an option to add drivers for XP specifically.
When I use NWAdmin, there is still only the option for 2000/nt/98/3.1.

Is there a way to get the NWAdmin to be able to add drivers specific
the XP operating system?

The reason I ask is that I want to create multiple driver instances
the same printer type. i.e. 2 different versions of the 8150 PCL 6
driver. You could do this in NWAdmin because when you added a driver

that already existed NWAdmin would give you the option to append some

text to the name of the driver and it would be available separately
the original driver. I cannot see a way to do this in iManage 2.0.
you add a driver that already exists in iManage 2.0 it just asks you
you want to replace it and does not give you the option to append a
different name to it. I am using this in conjunction with HP's new
Driver Configuration Editor so that I can push out drivers that
have the duplex option set, but I still need both drivers because not

all of our printers have duplexers, envelope feeders, etc...