Hello everyone,

On my NDPS/iPrint server the only time I can properly display the
list with the install links is if I enter in the full dns name of the
into the browser, ie http://servername.domain.com:631/ipp

If I use anything else, be it just the host name or even the IP of the

server I get the list of printers on the left but the install links
are not
there, and there are errors on the page starting from line one:

Error: Permission Denied
Code: 0
and then it lists the URL. I have attached a print capture. I assume
is some kind of security feature but I wouldn't really know how to fix
Has anyone else encountered this/know how to fix it? It's not a
crucial but
I would like to shorten the URL to access iprint to just the hostname
workstations in the right domain and have everything work. Also, if I
to link to another print manager's list from within the apache web
page (on
my same ndps/iprint server) I have set up for the maps I also get the
denied errors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.